Episode 004 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

DSC_6008This week Vic keeps the podcast on track despite Terry’s boring, sleep-inducing personality.

The show starts with a peek behind the curtain as Terry and Vic have one of their name contests and then deliver a brief family history.¬†Terry then shows his excitement about his acting skills and he’s sure that his future is filled with Hollywood starlets and A-list celebrities.

Director of the upcoming feature film “The Karaoke Brothers,” Joe Richardson leaves another message and announces that he will be visiting Johnwaynesville, New Mexico in a few weeks and plans on directing an episode of the podcast.

Also: Terry describes Caribbean Bill’s new dog kennel operation, Vic recites Terry’s favorite poem called “Ode on the Mammoth Cheese,” the boys reach into the mail sack and pull something special out, Vic takes the helm during “RoadMance” and tells the tale of a beautiful double amputee, Vic tries another speculative sponsorship ad for Heshreen the local cocaine dealer and finally there’s another bonus track from The Karaoke Brothers album “Live from the Rec Room at the Parkway Pointe Condominiums.”


  1. Terry, please explain dirty Dirty Shipyard

  2. ahhh the heady days of shadow coastering!

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