Episode 005 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

DSC_5887This week, Terry spits in the face of every fan of The Karaoke Brothers by refusing to show up for the taping of the podcast. But, you won’t even notice he’s missing as Vic flies solo and delivers the best podcast yet.

Vic announces some exciting news about the upcoming feature film about the Brandle brothers called “The Karaoke Brothers.” He also announces an exciting offer that came to Vic, and not to Terry. You’ll also hear: Vic compare his circle of acquaintances to the members of The A-Team, Roadmance will be revealed for what it really is, a from-the-hip discussion about Terry’s undergarments, and a brand new speculative sponsorship ad for a body waxing establishment. Oh, and the cherry on top is a bonus clip of a wonderful solo musical performance by Vic himself.

You’re welcome!

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