Episode 006 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

securedownloadHold your noses ladies and gentlemen, because this week not only is Terry back on the podcast, but the brothers are joined by Joe Richardson, director of the upcoming feature film “The Karaoke Brothers.”

This week, Terry gives what could almost be called a decent apology for missing last week’s podcast. Vic puts to rest the fears of all of the fans of TKB by explaining that he will not be joining another local band in Johnwaynesville. You’ll be amazed at a stellar addition to the Mail Sack segment. Finally, the spotlight falls on the upcoming feature film “The Karaoke Brothers.” Director Joe Richardson – clearly off the wagon and speaking through a murky haze of moonshine – explains how he first discovered the brothers’ amazing and groundbreaking karaoke act, the process of writing a screenplay about the Brandles, filming on location in Johnwaynesville, and the premier of the film sometime in May.

Enjoy the show, and don’t blame Vic if this one hurts your ears.

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