Episode 007 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

_ALC0091Yeehaw, Buckaroos! It’s another refreshing episode of the podcast. You’ll notice throughout the show that Vic has really latched onto the word “resounding,” and if the audio is a little muddy, it’s all Terry’s fault because last night he used his microphone like a gavel to crack some fresh macadamia nuts. This week Terry and Vic Brandle discuss the recent in-studio visit from Joe Richardson, director of the upcoming feature film called “The Karaoke Brothers.” They also hear from one of their many Russian fans (usually referred to as The Russian Dozen) who has an amazing proposal for Terry; a proposal which Terry naturally ruins. The Mail Sack delivers some interesting revelations. Vic is eager to bring back the least favorite segment of the show which is of course Terry’s RoadMance. There is also an exciting speculative sponsorship ad. You should keep your ears open for a world famous professional wrestler, and pour a relaxing cocktail as the show closes with another track from The Karaoke Brothers live double album, “Live from the Rec Room at the Parkway Pointe Condominiums.”

Enjoy it and you’re welcome.

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