Episode 009 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

DSC_6030Before you listen to this awesome new episode, be aware that there was a technical problem that creates some fairly annoying background noise. It’s Terry’s fault! The good news is that Vic has fixed the problem and from now on the podcast will sound better than ever. Now to the good stuff.

This week, Terry and Vic Brandle come out of the gates swinging. After a brief discussion about the upcoming feature film “The Karaoke Brothers” and it’s world premier in San Diego, CA in May of this year, the brothers get down and dirty. Terry once again demonstrates his cluelessness in an exciting round of the new word association game called “Word Up.” You’ll hear two letters from your fellow listeners in our “Mail Sack” segment. Terry promises to come up with his own segment about the difficulties surrounding proper nutrition on the road, as well as a segment in which he will question Vic in a town-hall style. Of course,your should prepare to be disappointed as Terry will more than likely fail to meet his promises to all of you fans. Vic comes up with two incredibly interesting ideas, but he shoots them down before Terry can ruin them.

Finally, Vic offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to all of the listeners: if you have an original song of any kind, send the brothers two versions – one with your vocals and one with no vocals. The Karaoke Brothers will record their own karaoke version of your song and play it on the podcast. You lucky bastards.

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