Episode 010 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

DSC_5305What a show! This week, The Karaoke Brothers start out the show with a little bit of song rehearsal that spins into one of their famous fist fights. After things calm down, the brothers discuss the upcoming feature film, “The Karaoke Brothers.” Then, you’ll be nearly induced into a coma by a discussion of Terry’s morning constitutional, including his version of transcendental meditation. And just when you’ve finally decided that listening to this show is starting to have a truly negative effect on you, the brothers break into another exciting round of the word association game, “Word Up.” After that, the show naturally progresses into the listeners’ favorite segment, “The Mail Sack.” Of course, Terry then manages to disappoint the listeners when, as predicted, he fails to uphold his promise to come up with two segments for the show. Terry does come up with a completely different idea than the ones he had promised, and a fabulous new segment called “Victor’s Lament” is born live in the studio.

Victor continues his new way of saying thank you to the listeners by asking anyone who wishes to send in an original recording to be karaoke-ized by The Karaoke Brothers. The show wraps up in the usual way, with an incredible new “Speculative Sponsorship Advertisement.” Enjoy the show!

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