Episode 012 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

Terry & Vic Dancing

After two weeks traveling around the globe and performing for avid fans of chess, The Karaoke Brothers return to deliver another amazing podcast. This week, Terry and Vic discuss the cast and crew viewing of their soon to be released feature film, “The Karaoke Brothers.” Vic announces that he plans on recording the next podcast at the viewing as a way of introducing the listeners to some of the people who worked on the film.

There is a riveting round of the word association game, “Word Up.” You’ll also hear a “Mail Sack” letter that involves the removal of a body part, a discussion of the dangers of performing rap at a karaoke bar and a new “Speculative Sponsorship Advertisement” that is sure to drum up some business for the podcast. Oh, you’ll also hear Terry ruin the end of the podcast with his lackluster sign-off and ridiculous accusations.

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