Episode 013 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

DSC_6008What a week The Karaoke Brothers have had. After a whirlwind trip to San Diego to attend the first public viewing of the upcoming feature film “The Karaoke Brothers,” Terry and Vic are back to share the experience with the listeners of the podcast. First though, the brothers make quick work of all of the usual show segments. Terry exposes his mind during “Word Up,” “The Mailsack” spews forth two interesting letters, “Victor’s Lament” is once again flawless, and eventually there is a “Speculative Sponsorship Advertisement” that was a sure thing and yet was ruined by Terry.

Toward the end of the show, Vic plays a series of interviews that he recorded at the after party following the cast and crew viewing of the film. You will notice that Terry didn’t participate at all in this fun treat for the fans. Terry was too busy enjoying himself to put in a little work to bring the listeners something exciting. It is becoming more and more clear to Vic that Terry just doesn’t care about the podcast, the listeners or professional karaoke superstardom at all. If you can block out Terry’s innanities, you’ll really enjoy the show.

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