Episode 014 The Karaoke Brothers Podcast

DSC_5425The Karaoke Brothers Podcast is back in town. After a three week long gig at an important international event, Terry and Vic Brandle are back in the podcast studio. Despite Terry’s sprained tongue, you are in for a treat. This week you’ll hear very important and exciting news about the upcoming feature film, “The Karaoke Brothers.” You’ll also notice that someone has obviously been coaching Terry to try to act tough with Vic. All of the normal podcast segments are here, but they’re even better than you remember. Enjoy as you listen to: “Word Up,” four brilliant letters spew forth from the “Mailsack,” Vic reveals some interesting facts about Terry during “Victor’s Lament,” and Terry absolutely destroys the “Speculative Sponsorship Advertisement.”

And don’t forget – if you have recorded an original song, send a copy of it with and without the vocal track, and Terry and Vic will karaoke-ize it and play it on the podcast. As Vic says, this is just the brothers’ way of saying your welcome and giving you the greatest day of your life.

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