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The Karaoke Brothers is the name of a feature film that sprang forth from the minds of Raul Bogue (Greenbean), Brad Elsey (L.A. Paste), Joe Richardson (Gentleman Asshole), Derek Steagall (Terry) and Beastie Ulery (Vic). It was born of mischief, genuine friendship, dreams and nightmares but mostly pure idiocy.

The five San Diego locals have been thick as thieves since 1997, though some of them have been friends since their high school days. Now spread out across the country, they continue to be the best of friends and collaborators on projects that are most likely guaranteed to provoke a (strong) response if you’re (un)lucky enough to see them, much like smelling a skunk in a rose garden.


Derek and Beastie planted the evil Karaoke Brothers seed in 2004 when they decided to record a purposely tasteless karaoke-based Christmas album to hand out to all of their friends as a gift. They created the alter egos of Terry and Vic as the talent on the album. Terry and Vic are brothers who shop at Goodwill, would drive a ’71 Ford Pinto if they had the money and love watching reruns of Good Times.

Once Joe heard the album, he knew this was the group’s next project. The five minds of this motley crew joined together and hashed out the entire story of The Karaoke Brothers. They filmed the movie, and the project has legs because The Karaoke Brothers continue to perform live shows and have begun a very popular podcast.


To all that dedicated their time and energy to the project: I would personally like to apologize for letting it go for so long. I won’t go into details, but lets just say the project is back on… FULL STEAM AHEAD.

Check back in often as we will be updating the site and letting you know when the film will premiere. Thanks all,

- Joe

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